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Bord’oak smoked trout with scales of Iberico ham and piquillos, smoked eggplant caviar, roasted peach and basil-pistacchio pesto

One big trout filet of 1 Lbs
6 thin slices of Iberico ham
3 piquillos
2 big eggplants
Olive oil
4 vine peaches
5 branches of basil
A handful peeled pistacchios
Pistacchio oil (or any other nut oil, walnut, chestnut…)

Soak your Bord’oak plank in water for 12 hours.

Open the piquillos in two halves to form 6 scales. Cover the filet alterning 2 slices of ham and one of piquillos.

Light the barbecue and roast the eggplants (25 minutes). Turn after 10 minutes.

Prepare the pesto:
blanch the basilic in boiling water for one minute and immediately cool it in cold water. Mix it with the pistacchios and the oil, until you reach the desired consistency.

10 minutes ebfore the eggplants are ready, put the Bord’oak plank alone on the grill. It will smoke the eggplants a little bit.

Put the trout on the plank, remove the eggplants and close the barbecue.
Prepare the caviar: open the eggplants, get the flesh with a spoon, blend it with za’atar, olive oil and salt until you reach the desired taste and consistency.

The trout will be cooking in the meantime for 15 to 20 minutes according to its width.

Peel the vine peaches on their top half: cut around the equator and peel the upper part ot the skin. When the fish is ready, roast the peaches one minutes on the peeled side and one minute on the skin side.
pêches roties au barbecue

Dress your plates with points of pesto, a circle of caviar, a peach and a slice of trout.

Et bon appétit bien sûr.

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