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BordOak – Oak and Bordeaux wine

  • The only oak plank infused in red Bordeaux wine!

    The greatest smoke flavour for your barbecue \o/

    Our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was a success. You can now order them here:

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Oak and Bordeaux wine

the perfect taste

The best Bordeaux wines are aged in oak barrels.
But staves are not practical for smoking (we tried
😉 ) that is why we present you with Bord’Oak™ the Oak planks infused in red Bordeaux wine.


Get your Bord’Oak™ !

Available now on our eShop (and nowhere else, yet...)

Our first batches are for our Kickstarter backers and the next ones for you.

Don't waste time to order yours. Special launch prices still apply!

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