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How many times can one use a Bord’oak plank?

We are often asked this question: “how many times can I use a Bord’oak plank?” And the answer is “it depends.”

Here are a few tips and advices to make your planks last longer and use them several times.

First of all, soaking them into water before use is not an option. It is to make them smoke for sure but also to make them consume less quickly. For oak, a 12-hour soaking is good.

Then it’s wood and we don’t want it to take fire, we want a slow combustion to get the smoke. So always keep them at least 2 inches from the ambers, 4 inches is even better. You can use charcoal baskets in order to have no ambers directly under the plank or partly so. With a gaz barbecue, it is even easier to position the plank only partly under the fire. Of course, it also depends on how long you want to cook and smoke. For a light smoke taste, you can remove the plank after a few minutes for example.

As soon as you remove the plank, stop any remaining combustion. A water spray might be useful here.
Then you’ll have to clean the food side. One rule: never use soap nor detergent or your next food will taste of them. Use very hot water and white vinegar. Let the plank dry, keep it in a clean and dry place and reuse quickly.

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