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Omble chevalier sur planche de chêne Bord'oak
24 May 2020

Arctic char with hazelnut crust, smoked on the bbq with a Bord’oak plank

Arctic char is a wonderful fish we find in the Alps’ lakes in France....
3 March 2020

Bord’oak planks, without bruning them!

Who first said that it was a bit of apity to burn such beautiful...
Happy New year
3 January 2020

Happy new Year 2020!

We wish you a very happy new year! In 2019, we succefully launched Bord’oak...
saumon fumé sur planche de chêne Bord'oak
3 December 2019

This week’s recipe: Bord’oak-planked salmon

In my opinion, this is the one recipe to immediately test, you’ll love it...
3 December 2019

How to use your Bord’oak plank?

If some of you are accustomed to using planks for barbecue grilling and smoking,...
3 December 2019

This week’s recipe: the beautiful pork chop with Canadian woods runner’s spice mix

It’s very easy all you need is one or several very beautiful and thick...
2 December 2019

How many times can one use a Bord’oak plank?

We are often asked this question: “how many times can I use a Bord’oak...